Stop Crimes
Against Humanity
Deception & Disinformation Manipulation Coercion & Threat COVID-19 Lies Omit informed consent Violations of Nuremberg Code Deny Human Rights Censor Truthful Warnings of the attack Persecution of groups Murder Eugenics on genome DNA germline Extermination or Genocide Sterility Death is common after 30 days in data Violations of Nuremberg Code Biological Agent KNOWN TOXIN Shedding GMO's into environment Hiding deaths and harm NO informed consent Experimental genetic [non]Vaccine Violations of Nuremberg Code

Mistakes Were NOT Made
An Anthem for Justice
(by Margaret Anna Alice)
Read by Dr. Mike Yeadon

Mistakes Were NOT Made An Anthem for Justice (by Margaret Anna Alice)

Stop Crimes Against humanity COVID-19 "VACCINE" Lawsuit

Global Lawsuit against WHO Vaccine Cartel for Crimes Against Humanity

The WHO & regulators “vaccine” toxic experiments are crimes against humanity that must be stopped. Courageous people must rise to the task of formally prosecuting their countries wrongdoers.  If you cannot do the prosecutions yourself, please help to support the hero’s fighting daily in the mission to stop the covid crimes against humanity!

Stop Crimes Against humanity Global Lawsuit

Pfizer CEO describes his toxic & deadly product as “these weapons”!

We allege the novel gene [non]vaccine platform was chosen by WHO, US & UK Regulators working with Militaries and Big Pharma for its toxicity and dual use power to be weaponized in an unprecedented attack of psychological and medical experimentation against humanity.


Stop WHO's Weaponized "Vaccine" Bio Toxin Experiment on Humanity!

We have a venue for nuremberg 2.0

Attorney Todd Callender Explains How Costa Rica's Universal Jurisdiction Has Power Over Global Covid Criminals!

dont let them get away with it

COVID-19 was a UN-WHO psy-op for coercing scientific & medical experimentation!

Is COVID-19 Pandemic Declaration & Response A Crime Against Humanity? YES!

The WHO and States are working with Big Pharma privateers & novel vaccine investors to swindle humanity by using a scientific dictatorship based in censorship and systematic widespread human rights abuses of persecution of groups. All of this is to experiment on healthy people using toxic cell and gene therapy mislabeled as a vaccine. Stop crimes against humanity!

  • Attack on Civilians!

    There is an attack on humanity and the human genome which affects the environment on a global level. The DoD bypassed human rights norms with the Other Transactional Agreements (OTA)

  • Mistakes Were Not Made!

    The intergovernmental organizations along with the pharma companies knew what they were doing. They knew the risks and secondary effects of the gene therapy while skipping trials, hiding evidence of vaccine injured, and that it integrates into the DNA according to Pfizer data.

  • Don't Let Them Get Away With This!

    We must act now to defeat the tyrannical global medical mafia hardcore cabal. Support IoJ's Nuremberg 2.1 case by making a donation to get the download of the template indictment that can be used in other countries

Systemic experimentation

Mass Research Crimes Against Children & Families

Research Misconduct in Pediatric Trial

The Pfizer pediatric trial had blatant misconduct by misclassifying 12 year old Maddie De Garay’s serious injuries as mild. Big Pharma bullied and coerced our nations into secret contracts which allow serious undue experimentation with no informed consent. At the same time they forged alliances within WHO and States regulators to hide the known adverse reactions whilst advertising “safe and effective” for investigational products. The products are adulterated, unsafe for human consumption but very profitable with no real safety or efficacy oversight. Enough is enough.

Known Risk of Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (makes it worse)

The regulators and sponsors are not monitoring the risks of vaccine associated enhanced disease which is like AIDS and causes auto immune like disorders.

12 year old Maddie DeGaray is the proof of unsafe experimentation!

Maddie De Garay was ignored by the corrupt regulators who hid her serious injuries to get the experimental toxins authorized for kids!

Death is an expected risk and COMMON, 1.29% with adverse effects DIE after 30 days of taking BioNTech!

FDA & CDC data shows the #6 adverse effect (AE) after 30 days is DEATH, which is common in 1.29% of users with AE's.

knowing planned attack on civilians & Genome

WHO COVID-19 Declaration of Pandemic Was For Purpose Of Biomedical Experimentation they KNEW could be DEADLY!!!

Government Experiment With Biological Agent? 

The State of Costa Rica (and many other States) are involved in human research with no informed consent under the guise of public health measures. 

We are formally challenging the State and their director and controller World Health Organization (WHO) for the psychological and medical experimentation called “covid health measures”. We seek to annul many acts, declare the limits of the law and prosecute the criminal aspects. SDG 16 requires justice for humanity.

MISSION POSSIBLE: Stop WHO's Global Psy-op, Terrorism, Disinformation, Deception, Manipulation, Coercion, Threat, Bio-Toxin Genome Experiment!


What Is A Crime Against Humanity?

Designating certain acts as “crimes against humanity” can help protect populations, especially civilians, from the worst violations of human rights and dignity. This category encompasses the most egregious acts of individuals, governments, and organizations. The discussion of what are crimes against humanity (and how to punish their perpetrators) began in earnest when the atrocities of World War II came to light.

  Definitions and History

The first accepted use of the term “crimes against humanity” in an international forum is the 1945 Charter of the International Military Tribunal (also known as the Nuremberg Charter). This document memorialized the Allied countries’ agreement that certain acts of violence are unacceptable and established an international tribunal to prosecute individuals who commit them. France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States signed the charter at the end of the Second World War; 20 other countries have since ratified it. It inspired the formation of numerous subsequent international courts to prosecute human rights violations, including the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

There is some disagreement when it comes to identifying specifically what is a crime against humanity, because there is no comprehensive, globally-accepted international legal definition. Acceptance of which specific acts constitute crimes against humanity has changed over the years as new horrifying examples come to light. According to the United Nations, the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court expresses the most currently accepted list.

Are Crimes Against Humanity Different than War Crimes?

In addition to explaining what are crimes against humanity, the Nuremberg charter also identifies what are war crimes and what are crimes against peace. Under this and other accepted authorities, war crimes are distinguishable from crimes against humanity in four significant ways. These are:

  • Designating something as a war crime is only appropriate if the act was committed during an armed conflict. Crimes against humanity, on the other hand, can be committed at any time.
  • War crimes target the people of another nation or state. Crimes against humanity can (and often do) target a country’s own citizens.
  • Crimes against humanity refers specifically to crimes against civilians, while both civilians and enemy combatants can be the victims of war crimes.
  • A crime against humanity must be part of a widespread or systematic attack on a civilian population; a war crime can be an isolated act.

Based on these factors, while most offenses that qualify as crimes against humanity could also be war crimes, the converse is not necessarily true.

Generally Accepted Acts that Constitute Crimes Against Humanity

Many acts are widely accepted as crimes against humanity by many different international authorities. Some of the most fundamental include:

Murder and Extermination

Murder and the extermination of a demographic group are universally acknowledged as crimes against humanity when directed by the state. These terms refer to a ruler or government killing members of its own population, usually on a mass scale. In many cases, victims are targeted for extermination based on ethnic discriminationreligious prejudice, or cultural reasons (‘genocide‘) or political opposition (‘politicide’).

Deportation and Forced Transfer

Deporting or forcibly transferring a segment of the civilian population against that population’s will is generally accepted as a crime against humanity. The use of mass deportations is usually only one aspect of a broader attack against a particular group, often performed in conjunction with other crimes against humanity like persecution, apartheid, and extermination.

False Imprisonment, Torture, and Disappearance

In many cases, a state that perpetrates crimes against humanity resorts to tactics such as false imprisonmentdeprivation and torture, and forced disappearances. False imprisonment constitutes holding individuals against their will based on fraudulent, trumped-up, or no charges. While imprisoned, they may be physically and mentally tortured, subjected to hard labor, or exiled to remote labor camps. These practices are illegal under international law and violate human rights protections.

Rape and Sexual Slavery

Sexual violations like rape, human trafficking, and sexual slavery have long been recognized as crimes against humanity. Such crimes are often carried out against civilians and can be directed against specific ethnic groups. In addition to being an egregious violation of human dignity, sexual violence can be a tool used to humiliate and demoralize segments of the population.

In addition to the above offenses, many others are commonly considered to be crimes against humanity, including apartheid, forced sterilization, persecutions based on ethnic, religious, or political grounds, and enslavement. In many cases, an oppressive regime commits many different overlapping humanitarian violations.

How Are Crimes Against Humanity Punished?

Although there have been agreements between countries for many centuries dealing with war crimes, before the end of World War II, there was no significant international cooperation to prosecute humanitarian violations during peacetime. As a result, many heads of state committed terrible atrocities against their own populations. These went unpunished; in many cases, they were often entirely unnoticed by outsiders.

In the modern era, many states, human rights activists, and legal experts are making a concerted effort to bring the individuals responsible for international human rights violations to justice. While some trials have resulted in successful prosecutions, such as those related to atrocities in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, bringing perpetrators to justice remains an ongoing challenge. Agreeing what are crimes against humanity and bolstering the authority of the International Criminal Court or a State with Universal Jurisdiction such as Costa Rica are two important parts of that objective.



Persecution of Groups


Human Experimentation Medical, Scientific and psychological


Widespread violations of human rights


Other Inhumane Acts


Medical Apartheid




Genocide or Extermination

The criminal law of Costa Rica allows for the prosecution of international crimes and crimes against humanity, no matter the nationality of the perpetrators or locations of the crime.  The venue for our global case is in Costa Rica.

Under the WHO direction and control States and Public Private Partnerships are conspiring to disseminate disinformation for “vaccine uptake”  The WHO and health authorities do not take responsibility for their failures and UN claims “We own the science and think everyone should know it”

The International Human Rights Law is the only jurisdiction to recognize that sovereign immunity of International Organizations and States is no block to the duty of RESPONSIBILITY.  

The international law of responsibility is in harmony with International Human Rights Law by require the waiving of immunity for serious breaches of international obligations owed to the world in order to ensure the duty of all States to cooperate to bring to an end the serious breaches and ensure the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM acts of the corrupt and conflicted WHO PRE-QUALIFICATION EUL PROGRAM are prevented into the future.

Rather than engage in discourse the WHO and health authorities have decided to “manage and censor information” that exposes their failures, terrorism & crimes against humanity.

sue the who transp back BLACK

Siracusa Principles 69. No state, including those that are not parties to the Covenant, may suspend or violate, even in times of public emergency:

(a) the right to life;

(b) freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and from medical or scientific experimentation;