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The most serious and dedicated people on earth are invited to DO SOMETHING BOLD and actually prosecute your local wrongdoers using international law.  

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Lessons on Nuremberg Code and International Law of Responsibility

The international law must be applied and enforced by good people who will do the tedious but rewarding work to prosecute on behalf of humanity.  Watch this video on the law of responsibility which applies to both States and International Organizations.

It is time to peacefully prosecute to restore humanities dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Dr. Yeadon, former V.P. of Pfizer interviewed by Alex Jones, January 24, 2023 discussing his affidavits in 10+ lawsuits, including two affidavits in the cases filed by Interest of Justice against Costa Rica, FDA and World Health Organization staff. Youtube blocked this video and will have to be sued for persecution of groups in order to stop the censorship and attack on free opinion.

Nuremberg Trials Coming, Universal Jurisdiction

Learn about the Global Claim of International Wrongdoing And Crimes Against Humanity Procedures In Costa Rica.

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The Globalists crimes against humanity must be stopped. Courageous people must rise to the task of formally prosecuting their countries wrongdoers.  If you cannot do the prosecutions yourself, please help to support the hero’s fighting daily in the mission to stop the covid crimes against humanity!

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Crime Against Humanity Using International Law

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The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

                Serious Undue Experimentation Complex


* Omit what is required for informed consent
* fail to inform is experimental
* fail to inform in the fact sheet that the product is an investigational biologic and as of December 2022 the FDA states unequivocally: “*Investigational drugs, biologics or medical devices have not yet been approved or cleared by FDA and FDA has not found these products to be safe and effective for their specific use. Furthermore, the investigational medical product may, or may not, be effective in the treatment of the condition, and use of the product may cause unexpected serious side effects.” see:
* fail to inform death is common
* fail to inform the victims that ADE, VAED, VARD was always a known important identified risk, which destroys immune system, interfering with right to life. The serious undue experimentation is knowingly destroying the victims natural immune systems required to stave off death, as evidenced by confidential and proprietary court ordered documents that FDA tried to conceal for 75 years.
* Omitting what is required for community involvement
* Omitting the unequivocal rules of science


* Pfizer, CDC & WHO – *”designed to react differntly from a gene therapy, therfore, may have a better safety profile than those associated with gene therapy”


* Busara (WHO client) largest global behavior manipulation experiment to manipulate “vaccine hesitant” into taking the experiment
* Virality project


* Mandates
* QR code
* Forcefully attacked 6 year old Mateo and force injected him against his pregnant mothers will

* Can’t go shopping or even go to church and restaurants without a proof of vaccine 
* If you speak out you will lose your social media and even bank accounts


Other illicit means:

* Censorship Industrial Complex, Paid by wrongdoers to De-platform and De-bank the truth leaders who are turning in the perpetrators of Serious Undue Experimentation – Paid to aid or assist the attack by punishment of all people who exercise their non derogable right to free Opinion & Online Expression in a way that exposes the crimes of the wrongdoers
* Terrorism – *”psychological terrorism”* Project fear to terrorize and “scare the pants off them” using alarmism to “nudge” the “vaccine hesitant” into taking the covid-19 biological genetic experiment intended to harm with dangerous spike protein in unregulated doses to test for “tolerance”. This is psychological and biological terrorism
* Genocide
* Illicit enrichment
* Legislation or administration for ones own benefit
* falseness in the receipt of goods & services contracted
* irregular payment of administrative contracts
* influence peddling
* transnational bribery
* aggravated corruption
* acceptance of gifts for a fulfilled act
* corruption of judges
* criminality of the corruptor
* incompatible negotiations
* ACTS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS & International humanitarian law provided in the treaties, CR Penal code and special laws